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The House

A place full of history and character

A dynasty of merchants, the Rösch family has owned three attached buildings in the lower Arcades of Merano since the middle of the 19th century. At street level, the front-facing building (“Vorderhaus”) hosts the traditional and quite special shop of the Rösch family. Ever since Josef Peter Rösch founded the company “J.P. Rösch” in 1854, both the houses and the company have always been family-run - initially as a shop for colonial goods, later on as a tobacco shop. Its façade can’t be overlooked; it’s truly unique, especially for a town in the heart of the Alps like Merano. Carved in cherry wood and soon varnished in a darker colour, the woodwork ornament features two seamen, one to the left and one to the right of the entrance. It’s certainly one of the few things that links Merano with the oceans. 

Situated next to the shop there is a heavy wooden gate. It leads to the building’s stairway, which is not only protected by historical preservation, but also by a statue of Jesus Christ. This statue just recently underwent a careful restoration performed by the specialised craftwork company Brunasso.

The special charm of this old building can be felt more and more by every step one makes further upstairs. Squeaking and jarring noises tell its century-old story and welcome you at Residence Rösch.